Mascot Kicks™, sneakers, boots and athletic shoes are handcrafted with you in mind.

 Materials are carefully selected for use in our MascotKicks™ products and shoes.

Artisans hand craft each shoe and boot and are assembled for our customers.  

When completed, shoes are inspected and tested, then shipped to you. 

We hope that we have created designs and shoes that you can be proud to own, display, and proud to wear for years to come.  

Did you know that all the big name sneakers and athletic shoes are manufactured in factories around the world.

Below are a few famous names you know and where their shoes are manufactured.

  • K Swiss - Vietnam, China and other countries.
  • Jordans - China
  • Adidas - China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries.
  • Puma - China and Vietnam are the main supplier countries.
  • Yeezys (Kanye West) primarily in China, India
  • Vans - China & Vietnam
  • Nike - China and Vietnam
  • Skechers - China and Vietnam
  • Converse - Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam and Malaysia

 So, if the question is, where are your shoes made? Or are your shoes made in America?

The answer is we design our shoes in America and manufacturer them where the rest of the big names do using the same processes they use. :) 



Rotating High-top sneakers, white color




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